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WienKiew has been organizing international cargo transportation since 2010, while providing a full package of services related to: transportation, customs solutions, other logistics issues, as well as providing reliable support at all stages of cargo delivery.




Delivery, no loss, no additional costs and hassle.



We will help you figure out what, where, how quickly.



We organize goods of any complexity, from simple cargo transportation to the creation of a logistics solution for international transportation.



Site hotline and online support at all stages of cooperation.

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  • own vehicle fleet
  • team of professionals
  • elaboration of individual logistics solutions for a specific project or company
  • transport organization speed
  • complete and groupage cargo
  • wood and wood products
  • liquid and bulk cargo
  • heavy and oversized cargo
When organizing cargo transportation, it is very important to understand the risks that are present during transportation. Our team, based on many years of experience, always calculates possible delays, as well as unforeseen circumstances in the field of international cargo transportation, which allows us to reduce insurance costs to a minimum, as well as to estimate as accurately situation and get maximum benefits, which is accordingly reflected in the final price of services, which are usually an order of magnitude lower than those of competitors. In addition to guarantees of experience and reliability of our employees, we also provide the entire package of documents that provide for guarantees of transportation and exclusion of all obligations set forth in the contract.
  • Austria
  • Slovakia
  • Ukraine
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Yes, of course, we provide a full range of services, which implies the organization of cargo delivery, while we have ready-made solutions for many cargo transportation, which allows you to significantly speed up delivery.


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